Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11 in San Antonio history...

Reminiscing over a day that 12 years ago caused millions of heavy hearts to lift with joy, San Antonio citizens today thronged the downtown area to witness a revival of the epochal event - Armistice Day.  Rodney "Gipsy" Smith, the noted English evangelist now conducting a revival in San Antonio, rode in the parade.

Radio station KMAC, San Antonio's newest radio broadcasting unit with studios in the Blue Bonnet Hotel, will be formally opened tonight, with Mayor C. M. Chambers and other prominent civic and business leaders present, according to announcement by Jack Wallace, manager.  The owner is W. W. McAllister, and the call letters KMAC, were suggested by Mac, short for McAllister.

Maj. Gen. James G. Harboard spoke in front of the Alamo today at the conclusion of the Armistice Day parade, urging America to adopt universal military training. "The red menace threatens your country," he said, "and there are societies in the United States today, many of them that would like to see the Stars and Stripes replaced by the red flag of anarchy."  Universal military service, Harboard said, would prevent the necessity of maintaining a huge standing army.

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