Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22 in San Antonio history...

Although it has been opened several weeks, the interregional highway from Cincinnati to Culebra Road is not being used much.  A check revealed an average of one car per five minutes travels the route.

The contract for construction of North Star Mall was awarded yesterday to Dan J. Rheiner Construction Co.

The Solo Serve Company, founded as "The Clerkless Store" in 1919, is sold by the Brenner family to the Solo Serve Corporation, a subsidiary of the General Atlantic Group headed by R.J. Grimm, who had been vice-president of the Solo Serve Company. The term "clerkless" meant that customers could roam a store and pick out their own items -- instead of having a clerk be in charge of getting each item for a customer. As is the case in today's grocery stores, customers in the clerkless store would pay for their items once they were ready to leave. The concept cut down on labor costs, thus allowing stores to sell products at lower prices.

The Spurs use their No. 1 draft pick to select Naval Academy Midshipman David Robinson.

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