Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26 in San Antonio history...

The expected has occurred.  Fort Clark is abandoned and San Antonio is to become by far the greatest military rendezvous in the U.S.  The movement will bring the total of men here to 1,500.  [Fort Clark was not officially inactivated until 1946.]

Ear piercing, an art of the ancient Egyptians and popular in society circles of olden days, is back in vogue in San Antonio. Ears are pierced by pushing a threaded needle through the lobe, leaving the string in their flesh.

Lackland Air Force Base has begun construction of five buildings that will be the beginning of the "super barracks" for Air Force basic trainees.  The buildings, which will cost $3 million each to build, will house 1,040 men.  The first of the new buildings is scheduled for completion in February 1969.  All five should be completed by June 1969.

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