Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17 in San Antonio history...

Street extensions and improvments which would mean an increase of close to $20,000 in the proposed $4 million bond issue were requested of Mayor C. M. Chambers by a committee of businessmen.  One of the major aims of the committee was the extension of Losoya from East Commerce through South Alamo.

Airman Donald Farrell was recuperating - back from the closest thing to flight through space any man has ever tried.  He stepped out of his sealed space chamber at Randolph AFB, one week after he entered.

Entries are being accepted by the Comite Paseo de Marzo for the sixth annual March Parade through downtown San Antonio.  Coordinator Yolanda Santos said the parade, organized in 1972, will commemorate and pay homage to the men and women of Mexican lineage who fought and died defending the United States.

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