Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1 in San Antonio history...

A loaf of bread  weighing nearly 30 pounds and 3 feet in length is posted up in a saloon on the east side of Military Plaza with the label:  "We'll all eat bread when W. L. Richter is elected." 
[W.L. Richter was the owner of Richter's Steam Bakery at the corner of S. Laredo and Santa Rosa streets, and would later produce Butter Krust Bread. He was running for Alderman.]

Temporary buildings were set up at Main Avenue High School to accomodate a record enrollment of 900 students.

The Milam Cafeteria opened for business on the ground floor of the Milam Building, advertising "Home is our only competitor."  It closed on January 4, 2011.

Students of the San Antonio Junior College went out on strike because tuition fees had been hiked.  The school board, temporarily set back, is retrenching.

A special committee has been established to push for a special three-digit telephone number - referred to as the "911" system -for emergency calls in the San Antonio area.
[911 service began in Haleyville, Alabama on February 16, 1968]

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