Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20 in San Antonio history...

The norther which blew in yesterday continues to make overcoats and fires a necessity. The old city is getting some sure enough cold weater, but the predicted snow passed us up.

A designer with big plans for the City Council chamber impressed open-mouthed councilmen with his version of things to come. Cerf Ross began his recital with a sweep of his hand and the declaration: "We propose to clean all this junk out." A feature of Ross's design is a curved mahogany council table, running about 18 feet, with desks at each end of the horseshoe, one for the city manager and the second for the city attorney.

Alamo National Bank will pay 3 1/2 percent interest on all savings accounts, effective Jan. 1, Clyde Shannon, president, announced.

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