Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6 in San Antonio history...

The first safe ever brought into Texas was on view at Meyer's Palace on Alamo Plaza.

The mayor received a petition called for the placement of free water hydrants on the west side of San Pedro. The hydrants were requested to accommodate the poor people.

City Market Master Tomas Melchor ruled today that the city market is now off limits to all dice shooters and other gambler types.


  1. Tomas Melchor was my dad. He wanted a crime free area for tourist. He started tradition of evening Mariaches, selling of Mexican Wares and Boy Scout Jamborees at Market Place.

  2. My father Market Master Tomas Melchor, brought many innovations to the Farmers Market. Like importing movie stars from Hollywood and Mexico to perform There. I never forget meeting Hopalong Cassidy at his office. He also pushed at City Consual Meetings to make the Farmers Market and the River walk into a tourist attraction. Which did come into reality later on.