Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4 in San Antonio history...

The cornerstone is laid for the Joske's building at the corner of Alamo and Commerce Streets.

The San Antonio Evening News first rolled off the printing presses.

The 3000-candlepower searchlight of Joske's will serve as a beacon for Lt. James H Doolittle in his ocean-to-ocean flight scheduled to start from Neptune Beach, Fla. at 10 o'clock tonight.

With the seizure of more than 2,500 bottles of beer and the discovery of a wholesale brewery reputed to have been turning out 30 to 50 dozen bottles a day, prohibition agents said they had cut off San Antonio's chief source of alcohol.

San Antonio switches over to the dial telephone system. Telephone exchanges change from Crockett, Travis, Mission and Woodlawn to BElmont, CAthedral, FAnnin, GArfield, KEnwood, LAmbert, PArkview and PErshing.

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