Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 14 in San Antonio history...

The tower of the San Antonio Female College at West End is being removed. Another will be put in its place, but of a different style.

The Bexar County commissioners wiped a town out of existence this morning. This was the town of Viva, about 18 miles north of San Antonio on the Kerrville branch of the S.A.A.P. railroad.

San Antonio's new $750,000 traffic light system officially went into operation last night. At a ceremony at the corner of St. Mary's and Houston, Mayor Kuykendall and Willard Simpson, board chairman of the Public Service Company, threw a switch which activated the system.


  1. Where exactly was the town of Viva?

  2. Pam, it wasn't really a town. I think it had been platted by the railroad but Leon Springs was used by a competing railroad so Viva never took off. Basically it was a watering
    station for the railroad and had some section houses.
    The location was near Dominion on the north side of IH-10 across from where Oak St. hits IH-10 on the eastbound access road.
    You can find a more complete history in the book: THE SETTLEMENT OF LEON SPRINGS, TEXAS--FROM PRUSSIA TO PERSIA by Marlene Richardson and Jeanne Dixon: