Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13 in San Antonio history...

Citizens are being disturbed by the far too frequent whistling of locomotives. An engineer always looks as though he were taking a gymnastic lesson while going through the suburbs, he has to reach up and pull the whistle cord so often.

This morning, Judge James R. Davis submitted a petition from property owners in the settlement of Viva, between San Antonio and Leon Springs on the San Antonio & Aransas Pass railroad, that the streets and alleys in the 35-year-old town be ordered closed. The commissioners' court granted the petition. Thus, the township was wiped out. There were no casualties.

Mary, a 26-year-old spider monkey known to thousands of San Antonians, died in the Brackenridge Park zoo hospital this morning. She was the first animal to be placed in the zoo and the first spider monkey born in the U.S.

Another bomb scare was attempted today by a youth estimated to be no older than 13. The boy called police and told them there was a bomb at the northside "Spears" store, apparently meaning the Sears Roebuck store at Romana Plaza. Police found no bomb.

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